What's the best video conferencing app and other collaboration tooling for remote teams?

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I’ve been working remotely for 5 years and have used a range of video conferencing applications in companies of varying sizes. My go-to video conferencing apps are:

  1. Zoom (https://zoom.us)
    Zoom is by far the leading video conferencing tool used by remote companies as of this post. It handles large amounts of attendees gracefully, and allows team members to easily host, and join calls.

  2. Microsoft Teams (https://teams.microsoft.com/)
    Microsoft teams is particularly popular with companies that already use other Microsoft tools such as Active Directory, because it integrates easily with that ecosystem. It serves as a video conferencing app, but also as a chat app (think slack). It’s not as polished as zoom, and does have some minor bugs.

  3. Google Hangouts Meet (https://meet.google.com)
    Like Microsoft Teams for Microsoft companies, Hangouts Meet is perfect for companies who are heavily integrated with Google’s GSuite for work. It makes scheduling meetings very easy within Google Calendar and Gmail.

If anyone else has any other suggestions please feel free to reply with those and what their strengths and weaknesses are.


Recently, I’ve used Zoom for meetings and the Slack built-in videoconference feature for quick conversations. Both working well.


Agreed that Zoom, Teams, and Google all offer great tools for video meetings.

I’d suggest Slack for an asynchronous chat client. Sometimes you can’t talk face-to-face, but Slack has a bunch of great features that put it at the top of the team chat options in my book.

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Agree that Zoom is pretty darn solid!


Since Zoom already has a lot of love here, I’ll second Slack for it’s ability to hop on a quick un-structured “face-to-face” with someone or a group. Since many teams use Slack to stay connected outside of meetings, I find that using it for video conferencing is intuitive, quick and easy for many.

For client meetings - or meetings with advanced notice and structure - I’ve recently been using Go To Meeting. I find the request typically comes from more “corporate” teams and businesses. Most of their features line up against Zoom and I find the decision typically comes based on fee structure: e.g. teams and businesses that need to also do webinars or have multiple hosts and licenses.

For me personally, I’ve recently started using Zoom with friends – super helpful in this time of quarantine. Think virtual happy hour and dinner/dance parties :wink:

** Big bonus for Zoom over Go To Meeting is the integration w/Google calendars. (I know…hangouts is there by default, but I’ve never had good luck w/hangouts despite trying many times with many teams.)


In addition to both Zoom and Slack being great, Slack has a plugin so you can launch an instant Zoom meeting from a Slack channel!

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I’ll just +1 Zoom as my go-to, with Slack video as a back-up and because sometimes it’s more convenient. Google is fine when you have to set something up and want a browser-based solution (e.g. you don’t know if the other person has Zoom already).

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For me, it’s Zoom and Slack calling, depending on convenience, number of people, context, and length. Slack only works for paid accounts. Free Zoom has a 40 minute limit on meetings of >3 IIRC, although lately they’ve been granting forgiveness on that. Zoom handles numbers better. I’ll use Hangouts, FaceTime, or Skype as fallback at times, but less and less.

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This is where Microsoft Teams serves as a one-stop solution for remote work.

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My current job uses teams which works great - but my previous WFH job was g-suite based. For video calls we used Google Meets/Hangouts. I personally prefer Google Meets.


@isac What did you like better about Meet over Teams? I’ve not tried Teams yet, but am curious.

@MichaelS, for me I was just used to the Google Suite and I liked how the interface was very simple. Teams is great, but I personally just prefer the simplicity of Meets.

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