What remote software tools do you wish you had?

I’m looking for some ideas for software that I could build that could help you out with your job/life as a remote worker. The ideas can be big or small in scope, and could be a bot, web app, mobile app or any type of software. I’m free to spitball ideas on slack (@CodyMcCodeFace) if you would like to brainstorm a bit with me.

There are two that I’m still searching for good solutions for.

The first is distributed white boarding. Admittedly, I have a couple suggestions that might do the trick that I haven’t tried yet.

The other one is calendar synchronization. Lots of services let you visualize multiple calendars in one place, including gcal, ical, Calendly, and more. Several want to be your primarily calendaring and appointment system, like Calendly and Woven. But what if you have multiple calendars to coordinate and can’t force people to go to a single aggregator? In my case, I have personal calendars, one for the consultancy I work for, and multiple for the clients I service. When a client sets me up in their company gcal, they expect to be able to schedule me through that system. I need my availability to be reflected in that system, ideally without manually blocking things off.

+1 for whiteboarding. Especially a system that would work nicely for a part remote / part office team, assuming the office has a large touch screen display of some sort.