What does your home office or workspace look like?

I’m always inspired by the ways others curate where they work. We often spend so much time working that having things the way you like is also about productivity and peace of mind. When I used to have an office job, people would go to some pretty great lengths to personalize their workspaces. How are you doing that at home?

I personally like a minimalist and clean workspace. I feel like my brain is quieter when I do that so I focus better. I find a second monitor is a must for myself. I can get through projects quicker and I have better visibility on what I am doing. If I am doing a lot of mouse work I prefer to include a vertical mouse. Evoluent, logitech and anker have great options. You can move around quickly and it keeps the wrist in a natural position, versus down and twisted.

Beyond keeping my workspace pretty minimal I do like to keep pictures of loved ones up on a wall or some small trinkets/memorabilia on my desk. It allows me to disconnect for even a second and giggle or smile.

I also like to have some plants or natural light in my space. It makes me feel more human :slight_smile:

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I move around the house a bit. My office has Aeron chair, sit/stand desk with a 4’ work surface, keyboard tray, and side-by-side monitor arms, one with a tray for the laptop and the other with a 34" superwide QHD monitor. Right now, it’s a bit messy due to tax season.

I also rotate between the kitchen island and the couch. I have good Wi-Fi coverage everywhere and strategically placed wired ports (like the one under the floor plate in front of the couch). When I’m in those spaces, I use my iPad Pro with either Duet or Sidecar as a second monitor.

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