What are your best home office hacks?

I’m looking to get a better home office setup, but it’s always hard to imagine ways to improve. I have limited space and the natural lighting is not great. What are some of your best hacks?

@darren I hear you! Where my desk sits in my extra room, all the light is behind me and I often feel in the dark. And my overhead lights in the ceiling are SO intense. I was considering buying a light therapy lamp to give myself some extra natural light.

I haven’t tried it yet, but happy to report back when I do get around to ordering. I was considering this one on Amazon

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This is a small thing, but get a spare charger for your laptop. That way you can keep one in your bag to go out, and easily “dock” your laptop without having to adjust cords. Of course, you can also invest in an actual docking station to handle charging, extra monitors, etc.


Hacks from @theaj42 :blush::point_down:

  • Use smart bulbs. You can change the color temp to match/change your mood/energy level, have your office already lit when you walk in, and go dark after you leave.
  • Put a potted plant in the space somewhere. Species like porthos and some succulents don’t need a ton of light, and do okay with neglect, too. Greenery is good for the soul, and can help your air quality, too.
  • MUSIC IS KEY. Have both small speakers and nice headphones, so you’re covered no matter your situation.
  • A desktop-standing desk (the kind that you put on top of an existing desk) can be pretty nice, unless the existing desk is already at the correct ergonomic height.
  • If you don’t have one, get a second monitor. If you don’t have one, get a big monitor. That screen real-estate makes a measurable difference in productivity (unless you run one app full-screen in each).
  • Climate control is important. I’m in a basement, so it’s totally a haven in the summer, but a freezer in the winter. I have a portable radiator under my desk, and it’s made my space so much more comfortable. It’s also nice to have a fan, and a comfy wrap (blanket / shawl / vest) for when you need it.
  • Have an electric kettle nearby so it’s easy to make coffee, tea, or boiling oil, depending on if you’re low energy, chillin’, or need to scald some enemies.

Desktops are often better for your posture - because it’s usually closer to eye level - if you’re able to, then invest in a desktop.


Hadn’t thought about this. Thanks! Any other ergonomic tips?

Also interested in ergnonomic hacks for being at a desktop. Should I have my feet on a foot stand, do I need back support on my chair, etc…?

This is a pretty great article on home ergonomic room setup How to Setup an Ergonimic Workspace

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Hey everyone!
The new era of working from home requires a lot of changes in our daily routine and it seems we have to adapt to it and treat as a long-term mode.
There are thousands of applications and software that aim to help you adapt to WFH and ease the working process on different levels. To my mind, it is crucial to have easy and simple to use communication and collaboration apps like Chanty, Trello, Kontentino, Google drive… to stay in touch with colleagues and get prompt responses. This will help you not to miss what is really important and keep you connected with the team.
Secondly, you should create a comfortable environment that will boost productivity and motivate you every single day.
Now, we have an amazing chance to set up an ideal office on our own, no more open-spaces and noise in the working place. Just you, your comfort zone, comfortable furniture and the ‘right amount’ of light. Isn’t it great?
Let’s treat WFH time as an opportunity, not as forced decisions.
And keep on doing the great job, guys!

Even if your posture is perfect, I most definitely recommend getting an ergo chair or something that can give you that lumbar support when needed.