What are some team building activities for fully remote teams?

What do companies do on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis to keep teams connected?

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Our company does

  • Weekly coffee break pairings
  • Monthly pair programming pairings
  • Weekly virtual company meeting (agenda and activities vary)
  • Monthly consulting story time (stories from the trenches with advice)
  • Monthly business book club
  • Semi-annual in-person retreat (although we’ve already canceled the one for this summer)
  • Bi-weekly client team huddles (everyone working at the same client plus account manager)
  • Weekly to bi-weekly 1:1s
  • All project teams staffed with at least two consultants who interact with each other and the client continuously

Plus, we try for engagements where we augment the client rather than operate independently from the client.

This is great. A monthly business book club sounds cool!

Are there certain activities that you find people tend to participate more in over the others?

@jessporec The definition of “business” is pretty wide. The one we were in when I joined is Daniel Pink’s When. We deliberately chose the next one on a diversity theme and it’s Ijeoma Oluo’s So You Want To Talk About Race.

I’d say the book club and consulting story time seem the least universally attended. At least from my experience the pairings are running about 50%. Everything else has almost complete participation.

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These are some really great ideas!

In my first fully remote company, we did virtual coffee chats, virtual happy hour, bi weekly all hands sales meetings (super fun, they always had creative presentations), daily team meetings (themed - beach, 80s, 90s, disco) and Friday meditation sessions.

In my current company, we do 2 daily meetings: one for just sales, hr and marketing and another one for just marketing team. Then every friday we do a meeting with the entire team.