What are some must haves for a home office?

Items can be tech accessories, ergonomic necessities, or anything to make a space efficient for working from home.

Must have a decent ergonomic setup, which for me specially means getting your screen (which should probably be an external one, not just your laptop) up to a good height, and your keyboard down at a good height. I currently have mine configured like this;

Apart from that –

  • I like having a USB hub of some sort that I can plug all of my “desk bound” accessories into, so that I don’t have to plug/unplug them all the time
  • An external mouse
  • A Qi charger so that I can just put my phone down on the desk and have it charge
  • Noise-cancelling headphones if you’re not in an environment that’s quiet (I actually prefer to play music out on a speaker, but that’s not always an option).
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@beaulebens very clean set up, I like it! Do you have a standing mat you recommend?


There’s nothing too special about it, but I have this standing mat https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005UA2WO2/ and it’s been pretty good. I just slide it further under the desk when I’m sitting, and then back in front when standing.

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Thanks! I am trying to get myself to stand more versus sitting, hoping this will help!

Having a mat makes a big difference for me, especially when I’m not wearing shoes (I don’t normally wear them inside).

best office furniture i know of comes from a small startup in NYC, Branch.

I know they’re doing some sales right now to accommodate more folks working from home due to the virus.

I also love to have a laptop stand and some noise cancelling headphones (yes, even while working in the house). I also think a home office house plant goes a long way…


I just moved my desk from the basement into the guest room upstairs. I am in desperate need of some plants!

The most important is not to be distracted and have all the necessary tools and software to keep connected with your team during the workday.
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