Welcome to Workfrom's Remote Work Forum!

Welcome! :wave::hugs::rocket:

Workfrom is a community of long time remote workers! The discussions here will be about remote work, and how to do it well. On this forum you’ll find tips, recommendations, and advice on working remotely.

Workfrom believes in the power of remote work, and that it has the ability to change lives for the better. We all have different reasons for working this way, and in recent times some people not by choice. However – the flexibility, freedom, and time it can give us is undeniable.

We’re here to help you figure this all out, so ask away :slight_smile:

For New Users
Head over to your profile and fill in your ‘Ask Me About’ and ‘Remote experience’ sections, and if you’re a member of the Workfrom Slack community, don’t forget to add your slack username to your profile so others can find you to chat.