Restrictions on hiring remote outside the US?

Greetings from Lima, Peru!
I’m a dual citizen (Peru-US) and am currently looking for remote work in US companies. Do you guys know why some companies may have restrictions such as willing to hire remote but only if prospective employee is US-based? what’s the issue if the applicant (like me) lives abroad? I don’t need a work permit due to my citizenship.
I’d love to read from you your perspective and things I need to get into account.

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I would guess a lot of it has to do with not being prepared (or not wanting to prepare) to handle taxation, benefits, employment regulations, holiday schedules, etc. in unfamiliar or potentially different contexts. You might be able to address some of this if they’re willing to have a corp-corp arrangement, but then you could run into contracting restrictions if it’s a longer term relationship.

There could also be an assumption that they would get international requests from places without great time zone overlap even though that doesn’t apply in your case. I’ve seen job postings where a large number of respondents submitted from India, for example. You could put your time zone on your resume or emphasize it in a cover letter to help address the common US (ahem) skill with geography.

An additional consideration might be travel costs for the times they want you to spend with your colleagues, customers, or professional cohort (e.g., conferences).

Yeah I’d +1 @srvance’s comment above, especially (in your case) the issue of taxation/benefits/regulations around trying to have a non-US employee. Some companies will instead have you as a contractor, but that comes with its own complications as well (although much less so than for a full employee). Either way, it’s technically just easier logistically/legally to restrict employment to the US only (for a US company) unfortunately.

I agree with the others, even within the US some companies, the one I work for included, won’t hire in all states, because they don’t want to comply with all the different regulations.

There is a company trying to make it easier for companies to pay remote teams working anywhere. I’m a new user so it won’t let me post links in my reply, but search for LetsDeel. They are a remote payment company. They have some good blog posts about their service.

Finding companies that use this service would be a key indicator that they are prepared to hire people living outside the US.