Office chair suggestions?

Anyone got an office chair they like from Amazon? Preferably under $100?

I really like this one:

I also have a standing desk that I wanted a very simple chair to sit down every once in a while, without it being TOO comfortable that I would end up sitting all day long. So I got this one, and it does the trick.

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This is super helpful! I’m going to give the first one a shot…Thank you!

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You’re welcome! Hope you find something that works!

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I know you asked for under $100 and on Amazon, but have you considered thinking of it as an investment? I have an Aeron that has served me well for almost 20 years now. The one time something broke about three years ago, they sent me the replacement part for free. You can also often get them from a liquidator a lot cheaper than new.

these ergonomic chairs are exceedingly high quality but priced pretty affordably, at $279 right now, b/c Branch sells direct-to-consumer.

I agree a good office chair is an investment, but I still think spending $1,000+ on something like the Aeron is pretty ridiculous.

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That’s a great deal for such a nice chair! Do you have one? It’s also comfortable?

I have been hunting for a modern reclining living room chair. I saw so many good deals, but “good deals” is relative. Furniture specifically can photograph so nicely and it can be totally uncomfortable!

I have lower back issues so the idea of spending money for something that will help alleviate pain is always on the table for me, but always the more affordable the better :slight_smile:

Yep using one right now! I wouldn’t say they are a replacement for a reclining living room chair, per say, but they are exceptionally great for working at home in.

I’ve found them to have great lumbar support for my back and it comes with 7 different points of adjustment to ensure it’s configured in a way that fits your body. I have yet to see a chair at this price point that stacks up from a quality perspective!

Awesome! I meant the living room chair as a separate note of how I have become SO aware of cost vs comfort. I am almost untrusting of a good price! :laughing:

Glad to hear this one delivers on comfort and support WITH the good price tag :slight_smile:

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