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Hi, I’m Stephen Vance. I’m a remote employee living near Boston as a software developer for a consultancy called Test Double. I’m currently working on a project for a Bay Area tech company along with two co-workers who happen to be based near Washington, DC.

I’ve gone back and forth between remote and on-site work. I’ve been part of and managing remote teams for 25 years and did a lot of remote work during times I was self-employed, almost a decade in total.

I love the flexibility of remote work, along with avoiding commutes, setting up my own space, getting more sleep, etc.

I’ll leave more details for the virtual conversations I’m sure we’ll have.



Hi all! :wave:
My name is Jess and I am currently working as a remote contractor supporting the Workfrom team. I have done remote work on and off for the past 5 years. I began in 2015 after leaving Palo Alto, CA to live in Berlin, Germany. My wheelhouse is exec admin support and operations.

I enjoy remote work because I feel more focused working from home, free of office distractions. I also enjoy the flexibility to be able to work wherever. I love to travel and enjoy all things related to comedy. I am a proud dog parent and love taking my little man out and about.

Excited to be here and learn from the whole community! :grin:


Hello all,
My name is Katerina and I’m working as a consultant, researcher and teacher. This sounds like a lot, but it’s all around the same topic: How can you use data to improve organizational performance? There is overlap in the work I do in each role.
I’ve been working in virtual teams in 2012, always combining co-located and distributed teams. I started because my team leader relocated back to the US. We wanted to keep on working together. That means I’m experiencing the challenges and benefits of each every week. Normally, it’s a nice combination. The nice thing about remote work, or the blended work I do, is the flexibility to design your day, to shift work to the hours that you want to work.
I don’t yet have a fixed home, so we’ll move, roaming the world until I find a place I could call home (if that exists).
I’m a single mother, so you’ll here me talking about parenting challenges and the fun things kids can do. If you have question about data or kids, reach out.

Glad to be part of the community!


I don’t normally do introduction threads on forums, but I’m an early member to this one, so why not.

I’m Enrico! Though some people like @srvance know me by some other names in the real world out there. I am a software engineer (mobile specialist), theatrical lighting designer, and as of recently, disaster response emergency manager. I wear a few hats, caps, and other headwear.

Not all of my work is remote, but as I have started traveling more in recent years, I’ve been moving more and more that way. I have strong opinions about work culture, though, and am happy to lecture at length about how remote culture (and a lot of other cultural shifts) is best for most modern offices.

Additionally, I am known by many for my love of transit systems, for which I advocate heavily in my free time, and my hatred of personal automobiles, especially in cities. While this may seem to be an aside, it actually is a big part of why I support remote and asynchronous work: to get rid of the dreaded commute and the time, energy, and expense commuting to an office costs our society. If you’d like a long rant about how remote work and progressive transportation/land use policy go hand-in-hand, you know where to find me.

If I don’t respond here, I am also known as @redbassett most places online.


Hi! I’m Nick. I live in the Chicago suburbs and I’m a UX designer in distance education, which in practice means everything from creating syllabi and lessons, writing code (mostly PHP) to add new features to our Learning Management System, and training and tech support for teachers.

I have been 100% remote for a little over a year. Before that, I was partially remote and I got into remote work for two reasons. First, being in online education, I wanted to practice what I preached and see how much I could do in a remote setting. Second, when my son was born I wanted to be available more to avoid having to pay for childcare.

My favorite part of remote work is definitely the flexibility for my family: I love being present for my son, taking a lunch break to push him on a tricycle, play at the library, or build a lego castle.

Before I got into my current job I got my MA in history, so I will also talk your ear off about the early modern Age of Revolutions if you give me a chance.


Hi everyone, my name is Daniel. I’m an Aussie living in Quito, Ecuador. Both me and my wife work from home and have done so since about 6 months after we met and started dating. I am a software engineer and love working on full-stack projects in small to medium size teams.

I’ve been 100% remote for since mid 2016, and before that I worked in consulting in Melbourne, Australia. My move to remote was mostly by accident, as I was recruited into a friend’s at the time very small startup which had no office, and have worked remote ever since.

My favorite part about remote work is that I can be totally focused on my work, and not lose time to commuting every morning. And most importantly, I can spend my whole day with my wife, even if it’s just working next to each other and going out for lunch and coffee every day.

I’m super into Formula 1, and gaming. Right now I’m playing far more World of Warcraft than should be legal, but what else do you do when you’re stuck at home?

Right now I’m at that stage where I’m thinking about ways that I can branch out into my own business / startup. I’ve been toying with a few ideas including a music based startup and an online course for new developers to get up to speed enough that they can be useful in the industry.


Hi Everyone! :grinning: I’m Ahva, the CEO and the co-founder of Symba. We are the leading remote internship platform helping companies access students from anywhere around the world. Our team is big fans of Workfrom and the amazing community here. We are excited to be a part of it especially during this challenging time while the whole world is working remotely.

I am passionate about remote work because it creates opportunities for people to succeed in their careers from all around the world.

We’d love to connect with any company/person interested in learning more about remote internships.


Hi! I’m Caitlin, I’m 27 and live in Australia. I have worked as a remote Data Entry Assistant and Web Chat Assistant for just over five years and I am currently studying Web Development and gaining work experience in this field where I can.

My favourite part about remote work is that it allows the autonomy of working alone and the flexibility and freedom to travel while earning a stable income.

I am interested in property investment, BSV and learning languages (well, learning in general) and my hobbies are writing, op shopping and gym. I also like to horse ride and kayak whenever I get the chance.

Looking forward to making some connections in the community!


Hi, I’m Josh and I work in Student IT Support at La Trobe University in Bendigo.

I have been working from home for about a week, since La Trobe moved all our classes and the ICT department Online and mobile due to Covid-19.

My favorite thing about working from home is that I enjoy being able to see my wife on lunch breaks.

I am interested in Outdoor Education, Theology, Astronomy, Science Fiction and ICT. I play Dungeons and Dragons, many board games and I also help run a youth group in Bendigo, Victoria.

Thanks for having me be part of the community!


Hello Everyone,

I am Isac! I am a fourth year marketing student doing an internship for an HR recruiting company. Due to COVID-19, we’ve shifted our operations and are working from home.

The best thing about working from home is not having to take TTC (Toronto Transit).

I enjoy learning about digital marketing, fashion, astrology, shopping and listening to music.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone. <3


Hi! Welcome to the community! Great to have you here :slight_smile: How long do you anticipate you’ll be working from home? How’s it going so far?

Hey Folks,

My Name is Barnali Nandan and I’m a Lead UX UI Consultant working for Bonvive Pvt. Ltd. for their medical product. I work on remote for the last 2 year, and enjoying the freedom of flexibility.

Working on remote has been a great experience so far. I get to update myself, study and spend time with my kids. I love reading on Human Psychology, crafting and origami.

I’m very excited to join the community to where I can share the best experience with people like me.

Love to hear from you all! Stay Safe!

Barnali N

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Hi @jessporec, thank you! So far, with ontario moving to stage 2, I will be most likely working from home just until July. It’s been great working from home. I enjoy not having to commute and get work done on my own pace :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone,

I’m Chris and I co-own a production company. We film documentaries, commercials and promotional content. Which means that most of our time is spent in pre or post-production… from home!

I’m most interested in off-beat and interesting communities, which is why I co-created a show called “Off the Cuf” which can be seen on Amazon and Youtube for shorter videos. Anyway, if you see me on workfrom, I’m most likely editing or planning another episode.

We are constantly looking for editors and any collaborators so if this interests you, message me!

Thanks and looking forward to experiencing more of what Workfrom has to offer.