How to deal when kids interrupting your video calls?

Question submitted by @Katerinabc

Ha! This happens all the time. My son (who is a teenager) still loves to come in and say hello to my coworkers. I’ve had mixed experiences with this, but at one company, it was just expected that kids would pop in from time to time as the co-founders were parents and tried to embrace a family-friendly culture. At my other company, I wasn’t even to mention that I had kids so it was a bit trickier.

I find the best plan of action is to let you child smile, wave, and then send them on their way. Especially during a situation like this pandemic when kids are off of school and people are working, I would hope that employers and coworkers and clients would be at least a bit more understanding. If it’s not forbidden for a child to just say hello, I find that usually they are good with a quick ‘moment in the sun’ before moving on to the next shiny thing that catches their eye.


As someone without kids, I say let them say hi and to the extent they don’t derail the meeting, join, sit on your lap, play in the background, etc. I think it adds some joyful and human moments to what can be isolating circumstances. The same goes for pets in my book, as well.