How do you manage remote standups in your remote software development team?

I work in a fully remote software dev team of 8 people. We have a daily standup (actually sitting down) at around 10am which we host on Microsoft Teams. Before the standup starts, everyone populates their standup notes into a shared OneNote document. The dev team lead goes through each person in the order their notes appear in the document and that person will read out their notes / give an update. After all that is over, the CTO (also a dev) goes through a couple of tickets for us to point in Jira and we do planning poker in slack using a pointing bot.

The problem with our ‘standup’ is that it can regularly go for an hour or more, especially in the pointing phase. Arguably the pointing phase is not part of our standup, but even in the standup portion of the meeting, some of the team members can really ramble on about their notes and problems.

What I want to know is what you all think about this, considering that we don’t have any other meetings outside of this ~1 hour every day. All the problems tend to be resolved in that meeting including our planning and pointing.

Also I’m interested to know what everyone else’s standup process is so please comment below.

We’re using a Slack plugin called Geekbot. It asks us the standard questions plus “How are you?” at the same time every day and posts the results to a team channel. This lets us handle it async, especially since we’re spread across time zones.

We pretty regularly get on either Slack or Zoom calls for pairing, help, conversation, and other coordination throughout the day.

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I’ve used Geekbot and Standuply (both Slack bots) similar to @srvance, and also just a daily reminder message via Slack where people reply with what they did yesterday, today, blockers. I think something async is really important. If the portion of your standup that’s just a status update is really not valuable time to spend synchronously IMHO, so it should be moved async. The valuable bits (actual discussion, unblocking each other, etc) can be done sync as needed though.

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