How do I start working remotely?

A question I get asked a lot. Obviously varies per person, but I wonder what your journey was :slight_smile:

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My advice to people is if you don’t have a specific skill that can already be done remote to look into being a Virtual Assistant. I’d potentially look online for a VA agency, you could reach out to them and ask how you can prepare yourself to be a good VA.

If you do have a skill that can be done remote (development, design, marketing, content… so many things) you could start off by freelancing.

Overall advice, figure out what you want to be doing remotely, find the people that are already doing it, and ask for their advice. A lot of times those relationships will turn into the remote job you want.

Join remote work communities like Workfrom, Remotive, Leapers! These are communities you can learn from, see what others do for work, build relationships and potentially meet people that could hire you.

Lastly, if you like to build you could launch your own product. There is a large community of Makers that find a problem, build a tool for it, and make enough money to support themselves. Resources would be Product Hunt, Makerpad, IndieHackers…

Hope this is helpful!

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There are several lists of remote-only companies. Even if you don’t realize you have remotable skills, it could be worth looking at their openings. It might surprise you what you have that they need, especially if you’re not used to thinking about working remotely yet.

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I sometimes wonder if working remotely is distracting for some people. I find it very difficult working from a cafe or my house. Loving the answers here, would love to learn more from the community’s experience. Thanks!