How do I not get lonely when working from home?

I’m a bit biased :relaxed:, but our Workfrom slack is great for keeping me company during the day. Also making it part of your culture to get on video chats with coworkers (@darren and I do this all the time) as well as using voice messaging.

In the past I’ve also done facetime coworking with a friend. It was nice to be on the call to chat randomly but also be working.

In this current moment the world is social distancing but when that’s not happening working from coffee shops nearby is a 100% must at least 1 or 2 days a week.

Right now (March 2020) I’d highly recommend leaning on facetime/whatsapp video calls with friends and family. It’s not as good as in person but it is SO helpful.

I’d really love to hear others tips on this topic.


The key for not feeling lonely is to seek out meaningful interaction. This doesn’t have to be many, but they need to leave you with a feeling that you are not along. It’s not just about talking with others, it’s about sharing and feeling a connecting with other. You can get this feeling of togetherness in online communities or synchronous calls. Whatever works for you.

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I think it’s important to have some non-work-related outlets/contacts as well, even if it’s with your coworkers. In my company’s (Automattic) Slack, we have hundreds of channels, including dozens that are not work-related at all; gardening, baking, outdoors stuff, mountain/road-biking. We have all sorts of places to just connect as humans, beyond your daily work. I think that’s extra important in times like these.


At Test Double, we also have extensive Slack channels even for things outside of work. I’ve also gotten a lot of camaraderie from other Slack teams ranging from WorkFrom to local and global affinity groups.

We also have an internally developed Slack bot that pairs us up weekly for coffee breaks and monthly for pairing sessions on each others’ work. We have weekly company video meetings, as well as other activities like book club, story time, team huddles, 1:1s, etc.

I will probably start orchestrating more video chats with friends and family soon, for both their sake and my own. My wife has already done that for some time with her family abroad.


Connecting with friends via group text is my favorite. Hilarious memes, perfectly themed gif’s, and witty comebacks are what keep me going! I keep them muted during most of my day but I love when I can get caught up, take a break and disconnect for a short time.

I’ve found that depending on the company, it’s size, and it’s acceptance of remote culture, you may need to accept that you will just not receive the same camaraderie at work, and that means you need to find it elsewhere.

One source is definitely the Workfrom slack community! Also, in more normal times, is great to find like-minded interest groups.

Given the current crisis, I found myself reaching out to friends I haven’t kept up with in a while just to make sure they and their families are safe. Even if it’s just a quick text exchange, it’s a good way keep connected to people.


Working from home can sometimes feel very isolating. Just like you guys, I call my friends who are in a similar situation (a student working remotely), during my break or lunch time. We send memes and gifs to keep our spirits up :slight_smile:

You can also check out this blog (they have an infographic too that i’ve found to be very helpful).

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