How can I keep my body healthy if I don’t have a good home workstation set up yet?

Question submitted by Kate via Workfrom Slack

I have a workstation set up but I still do the following things which would help anyone who doesn’t have a workstation yet:

  1. I like to get up (if I am not on a call) and move around the house. I’ll be at my kitchen counter on a high stool for some time. Then move to a tall desk. Sit for a bit during lunch, etc.
  2. I rely on my apple watch reminding me when to stand but anyone could make alarms or notifications. I try to stand and move around once every hour. The time goes by so quickly!
  3. Google has great resources for stretching at your desk which include shoulder and arm rotations, neck stretches, etc.
  4. Invest in a standing mat or a yoga ball to sit on when you can!