Do we compensate for home utilities, phone, computers?

Question submitted by Laurie

At Automattic, no, we don’t compensate for any of those, although our computers are 100% provided by the company (and renewed approximately every 18 months for developers/designers). We have a monthly stipend which can be used for co-working (also can be used at cafes as part of purchases to allow you to work there), and we have a once-off home-office set-up allowance as well to make sure you’re set up to work at home (desk/chair/etc).

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At Test Double, computers are provided by the company with a 3 year renewal. We also pay half of co-working arrangements. For me, phones are rarely work-relevant and I had my home office well set up.

I’m about to embark on my third remote experience since 2015.

Company 1: Fully distributed. Company-provided computer and office set up (monitor, chair, mouse, keyboard…whatever you need), $50 towards monthly phone bill, internet costs covered 100%

Company 2: Not distributed, one of two remote employees. Company provided computer and basic computer accessories (they sent me a new keyboard when mine died.) I negotiated 1/2 of monthly internet costs and $50 towards monthly phone bill costs.

Company 3: Negotiating offer, but from what I’ve gathered, they do NOT cover computer or office equipment (I asked for a stipend to help cover a new computer as mine is older and needs replacing. They agreed.) Up to $60 a month for phone bill and $60 for internet costs.

I’ve never had an employer cover utilities beyond direct work-related costs, i.e., phone and Internet.