Advice on how the entire household can adapt with full-time WFH?

Having a family member, or members, working at home full-time is a new experience for many households and families. How are you making it work?

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Noise cancelling head phones are all the rage for us here. I think we’re going to have to work on making a schedule and keeping it posted for the teen though. She asks a lot of questions of us both when she’s stuck inside with us.


Do you have a dedicated space at home just for work? Are you time-blocking certain activities for certain household members (e.g. I’ll be working from 2-4pm and then we’ll switch, etc)?

I agree with @camikaos, wireless headphones a MUST!

Also communicating your daily schedule with the household is important. I like to communicate when I am going into a meeting, when I aim to be out, and/or letting them know what I have coming up. I ask my partner to pitch in when I/we expect deliveries or if I am on a call to grab our dogs if they bark while I am on a call. While most are understanding of noise/interruptions, I personally like the focus and not losing my work flow.

I like to utilize a family calendar (We use apple calendar) to add important events so the whole household can see :slight_smile:

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:heart: the idea of a family calendar. We’ve been doing nightly check-ins to go over the upcoming day, our schedules, etc, after we get our son down for the night. We’re trying to stay fluid and it’s working ok, but there’s stress in it all. Both of us have times we feel we need to protect each day and there is definitely crossover often. Something has to give and that’s tough to sustain.

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